Sunday, 25 January 2015

Togetherness equals Tenderness + Effortless

‘Togetherness equals Tenderness + Effortless’
Quote of the day
‘Forming a bond of togetherness amongst friends and family is a sure way forward. Being tender and effortless in all that you do strengthens this bond. Sundays is a perfect day to cultivate this bond.’

Little do we realise the importance of family togetherness where great moments become cultivated moments from Sunday dinners to weekend barbeques. Every moment is elegant, inspiring and urgently in need.  The harmony created is so divine and appealing. Children become closer to parents and parents exercise their love without distractions. Pets become recognised for their presence. The doorbell rings and the door opens to friends, family and harmony. The phone rings and the conversation starts and good things begin to happen. The garden becomes kempt and there is time to attempt to mend the broken rail. It is sure pleasurable to have Sundays by your side. Family togetherness really establishes closer bonds between people making relationships inseparable. The closeness derived from it is incomparable. Families become friends and friends become families. It is all about being tender to the core. Tenderness is the ability to extend kindness and gentleness to those that spend their Sundays with you. Kindness exuberates consideration for others including the neighbours that may need help. It is all about being helpful, humane and thoughtful. Nothing else compliments a Sunday like effortless. Effortless is about taking away the stress and strain experienced in the last 6 days by doing things gracefully. Our working week always drains our energy, therefore on a Sunday we need to slow down or just take it easy by being graceful and eloquent in everything that we do. Participation helps too. Helping with the dishes, changing the sheets, washing the dogs and cleaning the car promotes participation. Sunday is indeed a day for rest so take it easy by being effortless and generously offer tenderness to all that share their Sundays with you.

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