Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What you desire in life is what you will acquire in life

What you desire in life is what you will acquire in life
Quote of the day
‘Let the concept of internal desire capture your imagination until you retire. Do this daily, prior to the start of your day and watch how your life will transpire into a fire much higher than a flier.’

Changes in 2015 will only be effective if you are willing to make an individual change. This change starts from within you and filters its way into your mind and if not hindered in any way will manifest into the change that you seek. This change is important because you are important. If you are happy, I am happy but more importantly Almighty GOD is also happy too. Changes for the good is often harder than changes for the worse. To put on weight is a lot easier than to shed off a bit of weight. To lose all your wealth is a lot easier than to accumulate your wealth. What makes a person successful is that their personal desires and passions eventually manifests into the change that they are seeking. They allowed their internal desires to rapture like a bud or a spud to flood their innermost feelings. They are constantly thinking about it and allowing their dreams to build and build and build until great joy reaches their senses. They know exactly what they want, they feel a sense of euphoria or a rhapsody and use this like fuel to ignite their desires into a mammoth fire rising higher than a flier. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, you must ignite your desire into a mammoth fire rising high above the clouds waiting to pour down onto your dreams electric charges of flow to make you glow every day. This is the energy that you need to make changes come true, and more importantly the right and bespoke changes for you. Don’t wait for governments, local authorities or your congregation to make changes for you, you need to make your own changes and if there are unselfish you are guaranteed to succeed. I repeat you are guaranteed to succeed. Think about 2015 reasons to make 2015 the year for change in your life. Choose 1 or more changes and build on those changes brick by brick, drop by drop, second by second or bit by bit. Do these enthusiastically and see the difference in the mirror, in your performance, in your salary and in your happiness with immediate effect. Set a timeframe say 365 days, a month or a week and watch how you will capture the rainbow, talk to flowers and change the course of the river. What you desire in life is what you acquire in life.

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