Friday, 16 January 2015


Quote of the day
‘Relaxation can be looked upon as a lessening effect.  Relaxation decreases stress from the previous week. Relaxation diminishes worries that vexes you constantly. Relaxation reducing the ageing process. Relaxation eases tense muscles and our delicate skeleton system.’

Relaxation encompasses a series of simple tasks that if followed regularly will reduce the ageing process and eliminates stress that accelerates the ageing process. Relaxation is about meditation, respiration, conversation, laughter, singing or listening to music, exercising and spirituality. Meditation takes you on a spiritual journey without leaving your home. It transports you across the heavens, into cloud 9 and above all your goals and visions. Respiration is about inhaling correctly and exhaling correctly. It is about tasting the air and filtering the impurities that occupy it. It is about inhaling goodness and about exhaling badness. Conversation makes you let off steam and conversation makes you create real dreams. Conversation is team work and conversation should be the theme of your weekends. Laughter induces happiness and enjoyment and sends of good signals for receptors to pick up and tune in. Laughter diminishes sadness to zero. Singing or listening to music takes you back in time when the merriment of life was at your disposal. Music is a universal language and can be understood by anyone. Music touches the soul and brings about elation on a totally unimaginable scale. Exercise keeps you in tip top condition. Exercise tones the body, creates the perfect BMI and gives you pure energy, energy that is vital to survival and energy that makes you do work during the working week. Spirituality is the hallmark of any man or woman. Spirituality is the basis for all religions and spirituality levitates you onto a new platform or shall I say dimension.

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