Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Past, The Present and The Future

The Past, The Present and The Future
Quote of the day
‘The word pleasant is as old as the peasants. It brings about and brought about enjoyment, agreement, love, friendliness and congeniality. For the past, present and the future cannot be the same without pleasantness.’

Would you trade The Future for The Present and The Past unpleasantness that we all endured for centuries or would you rather have a life that is pleasant forever and ever. How about enjoying your life from now on standing amongst the values of life and fulfilling them each day. How would you best describe the values of life? The values of life is priceless but although it lasts for 100 years it is actually an eternal attachment to all human beings. An Earthly life is one that ensures that all human beings are cared for in terms of health, wealth and prosperity. Living in agreement should not be a treaty between man and man or a graffiti that ridicules man and man but rather a covenant written by our Heavenly Father. Follow this agreement to the core and you shall be restored and adored. Learn to love rather than live to hate. Love is tender and renders a life of splendour and grandeur irrespective of gender. Love is about passion, about devotion and about fondness. Seek nothing more and settle for nothing less. No man or woman should be at war. Every man and every woman should remain friends forever. Friendship is an endearing relationship that brings about closeness in matrimony, sincerity in comradeship and trust in companionship. Congeniality is the opposite of nastiness. It is easier to describe the effects of nastiness. Nastiness is about being spiteful, mean, vicious, cruel, unkind and unpleasant. The Past and The Present is tainted in nastiness. Do we need this in The Future? Do we want tomorrow to be nasty? I say onto you and verily too, leave your front door tomorrow as worthy and able human beings. Greet the day with pleasantness. Sniff the air and be delighted with your affairs. You inscribed your affairs on a piece of paper yesterday now go out and fulfil them fairly and surely. What you yield shall never be concealed. If you yield unpleasantness you shall meet the fate of disagreeableness, unlikableness, nastiness, horribleness, horridness, distastefulness, objectionableness, obnoxiousness, repulsiveness, foulness and badness. Leave your front door with a feeling of pleasantness. Let your body vibrate with a tone of pleasantness. Let the air resonate your tone and let your tone be heard in the crowds and high above in the clouds. Let your Heavenly Father know that you have left home feeling pleasant. Let Him be proud of your daily achievements and your noted efforts to make The Future so warm and so pleasant. Let our children and their children to awaken with the comfort zone of pleasantness and togetherness. Let no harm come upon them in the streets and in the synagogues or mosques. Let them learn a new topic, a topic of peace and a harmony of amity. 

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