Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Everything in Life is aligned to Time

Everything in life is aligned to time’
Quote of the day
 ‘Everything in life has a time factor attached to it. From the gestation period in the uterus to The Creation of The Universe. From congregations to Celebrations, from electron rotation to a lengthy arbitration. From acceleration to deceleration and from Fertilisation to Legalisation.’

Dear Friends anything in life takes time. You name it and I will claim it. Fertilisation takes a lot quicker than gestation. Causation on the other hand varies from individual to individual. I have seen men and women that often get absorbed into lengthy disputes during litigation, arbitration and confrontation. I have seen bitterness as a result of frustration, taxation, negation and in relocation. I have seen how time is absorbed in segregation, separation and in preoccupation. I have seen how simplification can be overshadowed by complication. I have seen greed in human beings through deforestation, unfair qualifications and in misrepresentations. I have seen polymerisation in one form or the other and I have seen the effects and side effects of popularisation through commercialisation.  What I have seen and what I have learnt will make 2015 a better year for me and you than before.  I have learnt that all manifestations in life takes time. I have witnessed industrialisation and partook in physical education. All of these phenomena took time. I have been for an oral examination and took part in several examinations. I have seen huge organisations been bailed out of trouble and I have seen how humiliation and evacuation has affected individual lives who never got a chance for an equal bail out. I have seen implementation of a strategy and fortification of a tragedy. I have seen changing civilisations and modern transformations. I know that all of these took time. I have seen time come and I have seen time go. I have seen special occasions become escalations and I have seen how much of time explanations, preparation and navigation takes. I have seen it all for all concepts in life takes an allocated time slot. You cannot alter this, you cannot rush into something, you just have to be patient, determined, calm and focussed. You must flow with the current and avoid travelling against it. You must follow the stars and not wander off course aimlessly. You must speak in a clear and defined tone so that your actions can clearly be understood. All of these things takes time. You must avoid flirtation, masturbation, fornication and temptation. All of these waste irretrievable time. You must believe in conservation, proper conversation and seek consecration. All of these things makes time so precious. You must seek the right vocation and supplement it with an annual vacation. All of these things will make you a better person. You must adhere to proper operations, regulations and recreations. You must believe in edification for education and neutralisation when there is disorientation. If you seek medication ensure that it is sound justification rather than general patient participation. All of these things will make 2015 a better year for you. I know all of these things for sure and I say these things onto you verily. I say it because it is important to me, to you, to them and to all 7 billion of us. Follow my recommendations, believe in unification and gather information relevant to your course. Take 2015 and make it the best year of your life and the favourite year of success.

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