Sunday, 11 January 2015

Let Light brings Success to your doorstep

Let Light brings success to your doorstep.
Quote of the day
‘The light of the world is the energy that you need to make dreams come true. You need to absorb light into your body and recharge those regressed feelings and impress the world with your tenacity and determination.’

Light brings hope elegantly and gracefully. Light turns darkness away and brings warmth and courage to those that need it. Light brightens the day and light is the giver of life. Light is the glow that we are able to see and the flow that we cannot see. Light is radiant and makes the world colourful and so divinely beautiful. Light illuminates everything so that we can see the goodness in the world. Light is luminosity shining brilliance along the horizon igniting a new day for you. Light creates life down to cellular level and up to complex creatures like us. Without light we shall perish. Light makes plasma active and the cytoplasm interactive. Light creates photosynthesis and photosynthesis creates organic compounds. Without light there shall be no organics just celestial mechanics. Light is you, without you there is no story to tell. Light is divine and so refine. Light is a spectrum of different colours fused in a magical way? Light brings harmony, light brings sight, light makes you not fright and light is full of might. Light gives you confidence, darkness makes you doubt. Dear Friends when the light shines above the horizon tomorrow morning at the beginning of a new day on a new working week I want you to rekindle the sparkle in you and see clearness in front of you. I want you to see your resolutions that you etched into your memo last year and see if you feel confident enough to tackle them. Lightness clears the darkness, it clears the heaviness of a laden day and gives you grace to meet your daily agenda.  I want you to start seeing clearly even when the lights are out. I want you to become confident in everything that you do. Light does bring hope for you like a new day in your life. Light will rebuff the fears of the darkness and turn your phobias into warmth and courage. Light will definitely brighten your day even though it may start off feeling dismal. Let the power of the sun shine its potent rays into your skin charging your cells to do extra well. Become energised when you feel down, recharge your determination with illumination. Get the spade and the hoe out of the shed and bury the gremlins that weaken your role in life and dig up the new bulbs of spring that will blossom into the real you. It is all about effort. Light brings you the perfect platform to get started. Don’t waste a second, let the light flow into your heart at the break of dawn and touch your dreams with the mellow scent of your determination.

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