Thursday, 22 January 2015

Transgressions to Transitions

‘Transgressions to Transitions’
Quote of the day
‘All transgressions that we have incurred over the years always leaves behind sad impressions. To overcome this a series of compulsory transitions need to be undertaken in order to leave everlasting impressions.’

We often forget our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. We often bury them or live in denial but little do we realise that others that have been affected by our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions remember them and sometimes may remember them forever. Therefore every endeavour that you undertake from now on must be done with good intentions, they must be altruistic, and they must be highly spirited and not hurt anyone in the process. You cannot hold onto the throne of success if you hold onto enemies or bitter memories created by so called enemies. Every human being on our planet must be regarded as a friend. You must be willing to forgive those that hurt you as you would expect them to forgive you. In order to facilitate your impressions for 2015 you need to be steadfast all the way from the 1st of January until the 31st of December. We sometimes ignore our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. Examples of wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions could be trivial but nevertheless they are wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. You cannot say that you did not exceed the speed limit if you drove at 31mph instead of 30mph. The speed limit is 30mph for a reason and therefore you need to abide by that rule. Dropping your gum on the pavement unconsciously or consciously is a wrongdoing, misbehaviour and indiscretion. The council spends thousands of pounds cleaning up after you and someone may step onto your gum and ruin their shoe or their day. It is all about creating those incredible impressions from now on in order to reach the perfect platform of success and to remain there. I urge you to identify your problems and list them openly. Discuss them with family members that you know are willing to support you. Creating a perfect platform can be done alone or with the help of other human beings deemed fit to assist you in an altruistic fashion. You will be amazed how just a little effort like a fulcrum effort can change things for you. Make wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions a thing of the past. Work steadily and progressively for a more positive lifestyle from today. Don’t procrastinate, get real and feel the wheel of success turn around your life. You can do it. It takes time but with a bit of courage and bravery you can diminish or eradicate your problems. All problems are for solving. No problem is unsolvable. It takes time, admittedly but time is what you have. A single day holds a magical 86,400 seconds, so why not use it profitably to your overall advantage?

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