Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Use Nature to enlighten you

Use Nature to enlighten you
Quote of the day
‘The scent of nature supplements your ascent during the day. Flowers bring out the aroma to inspire you whilst animals create a stoma to motivate you. Hold onto Nature like never before to fire your cylinders and make your day successful.’

Nature is about the creativity of our Heavenly Father who created the flora, the fauna, the landscape, the wildlife, the environment, the oceans, the natural world and the countryside for our daily use and for our pleasure in a twilight of serene delight. The Flora holds the magic of colour and the essence of aromas to neutralise the unpleasantness of by-products mustered up in a single working day and to enlighten you with inspiration to create wonders in your life. Roses brings about enlightening proposes. Violets are like little pilots directing you to your destiny and navigating you away from your adversities. Asters are like the masters of bloom and plume. They entice you to be alive. Carnations are the foundations to build stronger nations. Heather helps you during different types of weather. Iris are totally desirous. Lilies always makes you feel less silly for their hold a unique kaleidoscope of tantalising colours. Geraniums are as priceless as uranium or platinum. Hibiscus looks like colourful jam biscuits so rich with nectar and so vibrant with colour. Lavenders are usually arranged like verandas, each row emitting those distinct lovely scents so soothing and so aromatic. Moonflowers are like little white moons along a dense background of green, reminding us of our evening moon and the stars that surrounds them. Peonies cluster like little ponies showing off their manes and tails in varying hues. Passion Flowers gives you streams of passion and desire to make your day full of fire. Poppies are like copies of each one of us. Every poppy represents a single human being. Like a poppy each human being must be equal and the same. Apple blossoms reminds us of the succulence of nature, the proverbial of our total existence. Like apples, apple blossoms are so vibrant in the flowerbeds of joy and happiness. Cactus plants remind us to constantly practise our skills in order to enjoy our thrills. Dear friends, use the vibrancy of Mother Nature to enlighten your day. Don’t ignore a flower or the bee or the tree or even the flea, they all have a purpose in life, like you and me.

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