Friday, 30 January 2015

Get rid of the 1st Problem and then start on the next

Get rid of the first problem and then start with the next
Quote of the day
‘What you pen is what you get time and again. What you do is what you undo or redo. What you achieve is what you believe and perceive in. What you love is what will love you.’

January 2015 has without doubt shaped my journey for the rest of the year. I know what I want and I know what needs to be done. I understand differences and indifferences. I understand patience, tolerance and subjected endurance. I understand about life and I understand about death. I understand friendship and the value of friends in a world filled with friends.  I understand about nature and the inspiration platform that our Heavenly Father has laid down for us to act our roles in an unselfish way. I believe in GOD and I believe in the purpose of my life. I take cognisant of trouble that awaits me and I deal with it professionally and systematically. I Anthony Pan, the author of this article frankly states that I too have problems. Problems do come in all shapes and sizes. Problems relate to difficulties from financial nightmares to domestic traumas. There are glitches too in the electronic world that can ruin your day when they malfunction. I believe that problems are about complications that affects individuals irrespective of age, gender and background. Some troubles are often exhibited as struggles from poverty to hunger and from oppression to depression. Problems makes you sweat, fret and feel under immense threat. Already I might have highlighted a problem or problems that affects you. How do we move forward when we are drifting sideways? How do we keep steady even when we feel that we are ready? How do we cope with such little scope or with just a little more rope? I say onto you Dear Friends you need to get rid of the first problem before starting with the next. You cannot ignore a problem because it may appear minor or insignificant. Problems must be solved while we are exposed to them. Never try to solve several problems simultaneously. Be patient, be determined and try to break problems down into smaller modules. You must list down your problems, pen to paper. Committing your problems to paper makes you realise their True Existence. It gives you the spirit to do something about it. What you do as the days move on is what can be undo or redone. The 31st of December is not far away.  What you achieve at the end of December 2015 is what you believe in and what you perceive. Believing is the ability to have confidence in yourself as a human being, confidence in understanding your problem and confidence in getting on with something. Sometimes help maybe needed. Don’t forget I am here every day barring any technical hitches. I will never abandon you. I will write and write till the keyboard buttons break or when I take the last breath of life on planet Earth. Perceiving is about understanding. Understanding your problem often makes it easier to resolve. We will cover these areas in greater detail later on. Finally love everything and everything will love you back. Take your first problem and crunch it before you can munch on the next one. Have a great day.                                                         

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