Saturday, 10 January 2015

Coldness and Warmness

Coldness and Warmness.
Quote of the day
‘Coldness defines the extremities of weather patterns and coldness describes the extremities of emotionlessness in people. Warmness can refer to the extremities of weather patterns around the globe but also defines the kind-heartedness that exists in people.’

To be successful in life you need to be warm. You need to be warm at heart, warm to the core, warm in thoughts and warm in your vision. Warmness defines the sincerity of a person. A sincere person displays trust and are generally quite truthful. Warmness clears the air where unfriendliness is the master. Warmness is about kindness.  To show kindness to another human being exhibits your compassion. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you cannot start your day with coldness. You cannot throw emotionlessness when there is sorrow, poverty, grief and despair. This is not a trademark of a meritocratic Goal Setter. Coldness is typical of a taciturnity individual, silent when spoken to and distant when needed. Coldness is certainly stoniness. Coldness eats into the hearts of individuals. When you are around a cold person you can feel the chill and the ill will. Dear Friends how warm life can be if people choose to be friendly, kind, warm and affectionate. A friendly person is the one that will show you the pleasantness in life and hold your hands by guiding you to the wonders of The Creation.  A kind person is one that demonstrates compassion, consideration and thoughtfulness. Make your choice, warm or cold. For the merits of a goals setter I will choose warmness, I really would for it defines my life and the role I exercise during my stay on planet Earth. I aim to be warm and to touch the souls and hearts of people that are saddened by their circumstances.

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