Thursday, 26 November 2015

Trick, Click, Pick and Stick

Trick, Click, Pick and Stick

Quote of the day

‘Making the right choices in life is hard, but if you do the arithmetic then I would say try to click, then pick and finally stick and you will very likely be heading in the right direction.’

Welcome to the 26th day of November 2015. With a mere 35 days before the end of the year we need to accumulate golden goals to create a golden year in 2016. It can be a daunting task to create golden goals when there are so many different choices to make. To this effectively we need to think effectively. We need to ask the right questions and then fortify these questions with the right answers. It is a lot easier to get the right answers today because technology has made the breakthrough for us all. Just a simple trick, followed by random click and an independent selection of picks and we are on our merry way. Once happy with our final choice we then need to stick to our task and that is to make 2016 a better year for you and your friends and families. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone became committed to their goals and made them come true like a magical spell that drifted across the sky and fell straight onto the ground that we tread on. Making the right choices in life is admittedly hard, but if you do the arithmetic it is a lot easier. The first protocol in this arithmetical step is to perform a magical trick and that is to conjure up a vision in your mind of what you would really like to achieve in 2016. The next steps are a lot easier. You simply click, then pick and finally stick to your choice and you will very likely be heading in the right direction. Although we are fundamentally the same our choices varies in different categories and genre. To enjoy our life on a daily basis requires making the right choices at the right time. Making these choices in life is extremely difficult because there are so many things that one can actually try before they buy. I always maintain that it is a good idea to try before you buy, comply, reply, say goodbye, reach for the sky or qualify. Making the right choices in life helps immensely because the decision is often yours and the outcome is what you would expect. You need to do the arithmetic. In other words you need to calculate the risk involved in making the right choice. Every decision holds a certain risk. My advice is to have a vision before you make a decision. To do this I suggest you follow the 4 step formula, it always works for me. The 1st step is to close your eyes and create a vision of what you want to do. Let us imagine that in summer next year you want to go on a holiday. Now I want you type into your browser the keyword which is ‘ summer holiday’. Then click on images. Now click on the pictures that closely resembles your vision. Out of say 12 pictures I want you to pick 3. Keep these selected images or footage in a folder in your computer or print them off and create a physical folder in your study. You could name this folder 'Golden Goals'. Now you are ready to stick to your decision. You are about to let the magic begin. To make firm decisions in your life you need to follow the simple process of Trick, Click, Pick and Stick. Gather by default images, footage and text to support your choice, then simply stick to that decision and watch how the magic will begin for you. Occasionally open your folder called Golden Goals and peer in your vision of what 2016 will be like for you. Do this daily and you shall fortify your golden goals. Add more images and text if you like.

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