Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Lost World

The Lost World

Quote of the day

‘The Lost World is an enchanted biome that existed aeons ago. It was a world where men were men of fine stature and women were women that were treated as equals and loved for their beauty and elegance, for their forbearance and presence.’

Dear Friends, we sometimes need to go back to basics in order to find our inner peace and our sanity. The Modern World is saturated with greed, the rich get richer which is fine but then the poor get poorer, which is very unfair. In the history of time the principles was laid down in an oblique text of carefully written instructions for man and woman to follow. These are the instructions that created great civilisations, great cities and the new generations to follow. These are the instructions we need to find and we need to follow in order to live a life that is blissful, wonderful and purposeful. Finding these instructions is simple because the instructions were simple. How do you sow a seed? How do you cultivate the land? How do you make bread? How do you sail the seas? How do you fish without destroying the ocean? How do you learn to speak or write? How do you generate a comfortable lifestyle that promotes happiness and longevity? What happens when you die? What is a water molecule made up of? Why are there so many different planets in our solar system, so distant apart but so similar in content? Knowing the right answers helps you create the right footsteps ahead of you. Can you bake a loaf of bread without the instructions? It is not only about following the right instructions but also to undertake them in a humane fashion. It is never too late to start and the best place to start is at home where you can create a paradise of your very own. Your personal paradise can be limited to your abode or it can extend to your town or city or even to the entire world. It is a paradise that you should seek, a heaven of your very own. It should provide you with total bliss and ecstasy throughout your life. Life is about living it but the way the Modern World is rotating makes us rotate in a whirlwind of tension, commotion and apprehension. We really need to go back to basics when the world was a paradise like The Garden of Eden. It is not late to search for happiness. Real Happiness has been diffused by aggression and greed. We need to infuse it again by building our strength and vigour to overcome daily and repetitive strains of stress and distress. What joy we could bring to our life if we searched for Lost Cities such as Atlantis or El Dorado or even The Garden of Eden. These cities or Lost Worlds hold the key to our happiness and success. It was about our existence with a valid and valued purpose. It was about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It was about untainted love and hate was virtually non-existence. It was about beauty and it was about The Creation. It was a time of giving and a time of receiving.

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