Thursday, 19 November 2015



Quote of the day

‘DIMPLES stands for seven simple but potent set of words to help you achieve the best in you. These words are Dream, Inspire, Mission, Passion, Love, Elegance and Style. Carry these words in your heart and you shall hold the passport to your future.’

A grand welcome to Thursday, the 19th of November 2015. With just 41 days left before the start of the New Year I am so excited to be part of it. I want you to feel the same. I want you to embrace 2016 with that extra bit of effort and enthusiasm.  It is so wonderful and reassuring to know that if we are willing to try we can achieve a lot. Today I want to speak about seven potent words to help you to make 2016 your year of noted change. The first word is DREAM. The power of good dreams is based on what images and text you capture during the course of your day. To create soothing and inspiring dreams you need to feed the psychological part of your brain with related images, footages and text. From these images streamed daily into your heart, your mind eventually edits it to form a mirage of your future and how you will fit into it. This creates the next word and that word is called INSPIRATION. If your dream is strong enough you will wake up feeling inspired. INSPIRATION is the stimulus needed to get you started, to get you on the right track and to give you the oomph needed to perform profitable work. The next word in our series of seven words is MISSION. MISSION is a unique assignment tailor made for all your golden dreams. What you dream of will make you awaken with inspiration to fulfil it. Dream wonderful things and your life will become wonderful. To ensure a steady and exciting climax to your overall achievements in 2016 you need PASSION. Passion is the desire to fulfil. It is your energy reserves to put your ideas into action. LOVE what you do or you shall not do it at all. LOVE is the essence to devote your time in a profitable way. Without LOVE your efforts will be in vain. LOVE is a special formula of tenderness, devotion and unique adoration in doing something. ELEGANCE is your finale. Don’t open the doors to new opportunities if you cannot exercise it with a touch of ELEGANCE.  ELEGANCE is about your unique STYLE in exerting yourself. People will admire you if you perform your duties with ELEGANCE. ELEGANCE is a dignified way to float in the valley of success. ELEGANCE is chic or STYLE with panache. Dear Friends, always remember these seven words and use it proudly to achieve your goals in 2016.

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