Monday, 23 November 2015

Events presents better content value for you?

Events presents better content value for you?

Quote of the day

‘Events in our agenda helps us to remember. They present better content values in our lives and more importantly circumvent unforeseen adversities.’

Events are actually a daily occurrence that we often ignore. Every event in life holds a magical fountain of togetherness and a harmony of friendliness. Events makes people get to together and helps them to remember their valuable purpose in life and to help them create fond and endearing memories. Life is about living it to the fullest. Life has a timeframe for each individual lasting for 100 years. Each day is equated to 86,400 unbelievable seconds. Every individual has an equal right to live and to prosper in their very own way. No one has the right to remove this privilege in life bestowed upon every living individual. Such an act of unfairness will be deemed the greatest sin. To maintain a magical fountain of togetherness and a harmony of blissful friendship we need to create a diary of events. The more events that we incur in our almanac of 365 days leaves very little room for being alone and desolate. I stipulated on many occasions in the past 21 years that team work makes dreams work. I stand by this and this forms one of my many valuable and reference Quotes. Just to digress a little, since writing daily quotes totally over 1800, I felt a vital need to help my readers from around the world to maintain and sustain their goals in life. I have written many books to assist my friends from around the world but I also keep in touch with my friends on a daily basis to try and keep their spirits alive. It is very easy to write a book but to create a support base where readers can gain further assistance was something that was important to me. So, when a particular problem or a group of problems affects you I want to be there for you to guide you in making the right decisions to get you out of the sticky situation that life has created for you and to get you to focused on tomorrow and in your future. Back to the article in concern, creating events in your diary helps to keep your spirits alive. There are precisely 38 days left before the end of the year. What events comes to mind over the next 38 days. How about Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve? What about religious holidays such as Hanukkah. Are there any parades in your area in the next 38 days? Here in London we have The Mayor of London Parade which is quite an eventful occasion. Does any of your friends, families or colleagues have birthdays or anniversaries? A phone call, a visit, a text, a card, a gift or a gathering can help to brighten the day for those that feel lonely and unwanted. An event could be an achievement. If you feel that you need to buy your first home in 2016 then why not make it a big event. Let your families and friends know about it. Having a support base of friends and families does help. Saying no to the wrong things in life also helps. In November our theme was to say an Absolute No. I hope and pray that my inspirational material helped you to do just that. It is hard to say no when the inner voice within you wants to say yes. We know that nothing will go wrong if we do the right things. Yet, despite this standard formula to Real and Eternal Success we still say yes to the wrong things in life. Doing this means that we end up in all sorts of trouble. Today we know nothing of the hardships that tomorrow holds. The only cleaver that we hold in our hand is the implement that separates the no’s in life from the yeses in life. The following are typical examples. Walking alone in quite areas. Eating oily and fatty foods that makes you lethargic. Being inconsiderate in queues. Starting your day without a plan of action. Starting your day without a prayer. Hesitating to help a fellow human being. Not caring, sharing or remaining fair. Being unselfish. Confronting rather than comforting. Pursuing rather than avoiding. Today I want to talk about forthcoming events in your life. I believe that events helps us to remember and it helps us to be together. By remembering we recall good moments and bad moments. Good moments helps us to create better moments. Bad moments prompts us to make worst moments. By being together we can avoid being alone. Being alone is a feeling that is well known. It is a feeling that makes you walk alone and to remain on your own. This is a vulnerable situation to be in. Therefore I urge you to highlight events in your calendar that creates fond memories and togetherness.

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