Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Power Concept 2 – Nutrition

Power Concept 2 – Nutrition

Quote of the day

‘Fuel to the body is like water, oil and petrol to an engine. Use the right amounts and you shall be ignited for life. Passion and Desire will flow in your blood to create the chemistry of success like a bud to a plant, like wings to a bird and like honey to the comb.’

Welcome to midweek, the 2nd one in April 2016. I hope and pray that you are well and that you are coping with the constraints of your daily grind. Over the years, people from all works of life have asked me about the concept to success. They wanted to know how do they get better if they are not well. They wanted to know how do they accrue wealth and keep it forever. They wanted to know about the purpose of life and the principles of life. When they asked me these questions I immediately thought of the questions that I asked 21 years ago. Ironically, my questions were very similar. Today I stand tall because I know the answers. These answers fall into three categories. Purpose, Exercises and Nutrition. If you identify your Purpose in life you are already in the making of a star of the future. This is called the PEN Effort. Today we are looking at the Nutritional aspect of your life. Yesterday we spoke about Exercising, the 2nd phase of the PEN Effort. Dear Friends good foods create good moods. Conversely bad food creates bad moods. Good foods can easily be identified because they have colour, they look attractive and can be eaten in their natural state. Good foods can become ideal foods because they are low in fats and carbohydrates and generally do not need artificial colouring. Unlike meat that needs to be pumped with nitrates to keep their colour good foods create that unique sparkle of interest when looked at. My purpose as your Mentor for life is to take you on a culinary journey around the world and teach you how to create good foods. Such creations will be enjoyable, tasty and fascinating. The recipes that I shall provide you will be multicultural. They will be calorie controlled and they will be cost effective. There will be meals to cook for 5 people for just under a pound. Dear Friends, these recipes are hands on. They are unique and believe me they are Michelin quality. Yesterday, I asked you to choose your Exercise, today I ask you to choose your Nutrition. Tomorrow I will talk about Power Concept 3 – Purpose. I wrote these articles with you in mind. It is especially for my friends from around the world that are that are experiencing similar problems in life that I was exposed to 21 years ago. On Friday I will give you a link directing you to a special site where you can redeem your package to success. To tailor make your package all you need to do is tell me exactly what are your specific problems are. On a daily basis during your 90-180-360 challenge I will speak directly to you via a special blog inspiring and motivating you to take action. Using the 3 concepts to Power I am certain that you will ultimate success, inner peace and rectitude. At the end of your chosen challenge there will be 3 gifts waiting for you. You earned it, now it will be time for you to enjoy it.

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