Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 3

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 3

Quote of the day

‘Your daily existence on planet Earth is a great grandeur. If you imagine yourself along an open plain with the untainted sky above you, floating along a grassland of fertility overlooking the gentle and majestic blue waters along the vivid shoreline then you are in tune with the grandeur of life.’

Welcome to the perfect Sunday where peace takes over the skies, the land and the oceans. Welcome to a grand life speckled with endless streams of joy and inundated with the rhythmic flow of cumulus clouds on a blue and sparkling canvas. This is the life that was once promised to you when you made your spiritual journey across the vastness of the Universe to get here. Your soul floated in a bubble of life waiting to touch the newness of a foetus in the magical creation of a new human being. Such a human being was you. Almost 57 years ago such a human being was me. I now recall the day when I was cradled into the arms of joy. I remember my first steps to amazement and my first inscription onto a canvas of my life. I recall my first friend that splashed me with the openness of friendship and I recall the pleasure of a pet that dazzled me with laughter. I remember touching the ocean for the first time and later immersing myself into it like a float in a blue tub. This is life and this was the promise made to you when you departed. Life is you and you are life. Touch yourself and you will see realness. Create a smile and you will see gentleness. Dream about beauty and you shall uncover longevity. Create an agenda to please and you shall understand the concept of eternity. This was GOD’s promise to you. However, man’s promise has chained you to a world of endless worries and financial burden. Man teaches you but teaches you wrong. Education should be the powerhouse of success. Education is not about glorification. Education is for edification. Teach someone to hate and they shall go to war. Teach someone dishonesty and they shall steal your life away. Teach someone by temptation and they will live a life of procrastination. Education is simple. Education in the triangular concept to succeed is to Love, Live and Serve. Teach someone to love and they shall create friends forever. Teach someone to live and they shall be encouraged to go the extra mile. Teach someone to serve and they will understand their purpose. Today I conclude my 3-part series of The Triangular Concept to Success. It is an abridged version of the full chapter in The Modern Day Trilogy. Whatever you do, say or think always remember the triangle in your particular aspect to life. The Egyptians always used it. Don’t haste. Haste creates a waste of your time, your valuable life and your purpose in life. Haste makes you displaced, disgraced and misplaced. Dear Friends, I say onto you once again and verily too value every second of your life. Thinking makes you create a decisive plan to accomplish and fulfil your goals. To every aspect of your daily agenda there will always be the number 3. Focus on the number 3 by giving each segment or aspect of your life equal participation and contribution. Take the season of Spring and Spring into action with the number 3.  Number 1 is Cleanliness at home. Number 2 is cleanliness within you. Number 3 is cleanliness in your neighbourhood. Combine the three and you find Spring in your heart. Have a wonderful day, have a peaceful day and have a spirited life. Think 3, wonder, peace and spirit. Think 3 in everything that you do, say or think.

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