Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Official Prescription to Happiness

The Official Prescription to Happiness

Quote of the day

Happiness Always Puts People In Natural Ecstasy Sundays to Sundays’

Bonus Quote

‘The Prescription to Happiness is to take one dose of Natural Ecstasy at the brink of your day and let it work through your day in a natural way.’

A very blessed Sunday to ALL my friends from around the world and thank you ever so much for finding the time to read and appreciate my inspirational words. Universally Friendly is indeed your one stop to a life of betterment, good temperament, constant achievement and to personal development.

Additional Bonus Quote

‘To take action you need positive attraction that brings total satisfaction for the rest of your life.’

One concept to positive attraction is a word used often in conversation but not entirely in implementation, and that word is Happiness. Happiness is a natural prescription to alleviate you from the adversities of life and to deviate you from the perversities of your daily encounters. Happiness is found at the source of life, it originates from above and falls below onto the face of the Earth as a water droplet. Happiness is life, without the water droplet life will cease to exist. Happiness is also found beneath the Sun's strong rays. Place your hand under the Sun and you shall see the glow of glory and the flow of jolly. Glory to the angels that protect us from danger and jolly to the 7 billion people that wake up each day to serve the world at large. Happiness is about collaboration amongst all, consideration for all, harmonisation in every heart and participation from every soul. Happiness is positive energy that makes you smile, makes you live in style, triggers you to laugh and always manifests as peace and unity. Happiness is to agree, sadness is to disagree. Happiness is an auditorium of peace, sadness is a crematorium of hate. Dear Friends, you need Happiness in your life from the brink of dawn until the link to dusk where nocturnal creatures go to work and when diurnal creatures take a rest. Take a dose of Happiness by clasping your palms to touch the early morning dew and let the sunshine flow like energy from a light bulb. Have a happy Sunday, have a happy Monday and have a lifetime of happiness.

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