Monday, 14 March 2016

STAPLES - Daily Tasks that make a difference

Daily Tasks that make a difference

Quote of the day

‘To succeed in life you need to set a series of daily tasks called STAPLES. If there is Synchronisation, Tabulation, Attraction, Passion, Location, Explanations and Satisfaction in these tasks you will always find accomplishment and fulfilment at the end of each week.’

Welcome to the first day of a new working week. What better way to start your day knowing that you are governed by a series of tasks? If your tasks are STAPLED together with Synchronisation, Tabulation, Attraction, Passion, Location, Explanations and Satisfaction then you are a winner. Winners in life are fully committed to their roles in life. They seek to accomplish and they seek to fulfil. They believe in synchronisation because time is valuable and they are fully aware of it. They work diligently to get the job done. They create harmony at home and at work. They are essentially managers of their own time. To them each second in a day is vital. Winners are thorough in their presentations and in their pitch. They assess data and address distress at home and in the work front. They express their opinions unselfishly and progress to the next task when the job is satisfactorily done. Winners find attraction. Attraction is appeal. They draw the crowds to them rather than repel the crowds away from them. People are important to winners. People are important to winners because they believe that everyone is a winner. They value other people’s opinions and respect each member of their team. They believe in teamwork and they know that teamwork makes dreams work. Winners have passion in their blood. You can tell a winner from a loser. A winner makes passion flow like blood. They are always thirsty for new ideas, new friends, new targets, new competition and new ventures. They love to live and they live to love. They cannot understand what an enemy is for they only know what friends are. Location, Location, Location. Winners are location orientated. They are conscious of their locality and they are conscious of their settings. They live to impress. They live to express. They live to address. They live to progress. They live to caress. Winners always give explanations for changes. They like to clarify what is not clear and to enlighten others on what is clear. Winners are always very descriptive of their actions and detail their entire day with clarity and vivacity. Winners write their tasks in clear and easy to read text. If they can understand it, then only do they pass it on. Winners end their day with a word that always rings a bell of accomplishment and fulfilment. That word is Satisfaction.  Winners believe in being completely satisfied with their overall performance. This is good because they set standards for others to follow. Dear Friends today we have latched onto a new power word and that is STAPLES. Hang onto these words and use them to help you. I wish you a wonderful working week. Let it be governed by your actions and let those actions bring satisfaction to your heart.

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