Thursday, 24 March 2016



Quote of the day

Q&As have been at the hallmark of man from the beginning of time. Today Q&As has taken a different approach at Universally Friendly. Instead of waiting for a valid answer to a relevant question you have at your disposal and define Quote attached to a relevant Article.’

Welcome to rather a wet, murky and wintery Thursday. Despite the weather we all carry on with our daily grind. This is the spirit of life. We cannot be suppressed at the selfish will of others. Neither can we be oppressed at the selfish will of others. The people of Brussels expressed these sentiments openly that they will continue with their lives despite the selfish intention of others. Since the age of 3 I always asked questions but somehow I never got relevant answers. There were always conjectures and assumptions let alone theories. Today I don’t ask questions anymore because I have all the answers that I need. These answers came to me over 21 years ago in a revelation. How old is planet Earth? Where was the Garden of Eden? Do aliens exist? Is there life after death? Today all the answers to questions relevant to your life is contained in the Modern Day Trilogy. These sets of 3 books was my blueprint to success. I carry them with me wherever I go in the world. From it I gain strength that is needed to overcome weaknesses that I inherit. I also gained wisdom over the past 21 years as I constantly sieve through an archive of immense knowledge called The Extranet. Today in the Universally Friendly list of acronyms Q&As does not stand for Questions and Answers because there are no questions to ask anymore. Q&As stands for Quotes and Articles. Q&As at the moment exceeds 1700 in the library of Universally Friendly available to all citizens of planet Earth for free. To every Quote there is a relevant Article and where available an appropriate motivational Video. Q&As is slowly increasing by the day. At the end of my life on Earth The Universally Friendly archives will reach 17,000 Q&As. 20 years ago when I started the first EEC academy for refugees from Rwanda my teaching methods was in huge demand and was a great success. EEC stands for Economical Education Countrywide. Soon this will change to EEW, Economical Education Worldwide. Some of my students have become very successful in their field. One student who still keeps in touch is now working for Siemens in Germany. What is the relevance of today’s article? Q&As are really modern day alternatives to questions that do not have a valid answer. Every question that you have deserves a valid answer. Man has corrupted the databank of knowledge and has changed everything. Today man will stand openly on a podium and say that GOD does not exist. He will say things that makes you believe otherwise. This confuses your role on planet Earth. As a result, we become selfish in our intent and wander aimlessly into the corridors of time without a valid purpose. If I was in your shoes like I was 21 years ago I will gather like the harvester all Q&As relevant to my needs. This will be my primary objective. I will study them and ask for help if needed from a Universally Friendly representative like myself. I will set forth a strategy and make my life on Earth happier, peaceful, productive and loving. If I share my life with families or friends, I will regard them as team members and share this happiness, peace, production and love equally. My vision in life will therefore become more defined, more refined and more aligned. I will live to serve and I will love to live. I will want to live for the full duration of my life and value every second of my day. In the next four days my articles and Quotes or my Q&As will focus on some of the parables of our LORD and their relevance in the 21st Century. On Tuesday my Q&As is an exceptional one. I will be looking for 100 volunteers to sample The Pyramid of Success. For your participation you will be heavily rewarded. Have a wonderful evening and take good care, with love from Anthony.

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