Friday, 2 October 2015

Stop Fantasising, Start Exercising

Stop Fantasising, Start Exercising

Quote of the day

‘As much as the mind needs the body to succeed the body depends on the mind to accede. It’s a two way street, think positively and act competently and you shall become confident and an expert.’

Dear Friends we can succeed if are willing to STOP and START. Our theme in October is called Start and Stop. I want to drive this message through because I have this inner feeling that it will definitely work for me and for you. There is so much of sadness in the world today and our media displays this so clearly. Life is not about sadness but of gladness instead. We need to value our lives and therefore should always be set on enjoying our life all the time. Therefore we must put a stop to all things that drive us insane and put a start to all things that drive us to attain and remain sane. What was your day like today, were you driven to become insane over the behaviour of someone else? Did someone come in front of you and stalled your progress? It’s happening ALL the time and all over the world. Our criteria in life is to live to serve. We need to think logically and behave philosophically. To have an active mind is part and parcel of the equation. What comes next is an active body. Today I want to stress the incredible importance of your body, the machine of your thoughts and the driving force of your intent. Do you have the right body to undertake all your golden goals? Having the perfect machine to perform those perfect tasks comes from within you. Do you want to succeed or do you want to continue being unsuccessful? You are the decision maker and the decision taker. It’s your choice. You cannot have the mind-set to achieve great things in life when you do not have the body to respond to your thoughts. Today I shall try to motivate you to get started. We need to take the first step. What becomes of tomorrow starts today when you take the 1st Step? The 1st Step in life of a Meritocratic Goal Setter is the greatest step that they will make towards their future. It is a step of gallantry fortified with dreams of a golden kind. No one takes a step forward unless they know what they want in life. What do you want in life? Surely the three most common and obvious answers to this quivering question is Health, Wealth and Prosperity. Health, Wealth and Prosperity should always be your prime motivation in life. Activating a healthy body is a first step to a healthy and fruitful life. Without a finely tuned body the mind can only dream. How do we get fit? We cannot sit and expect to get fit. We cannot get fit if we cannot commit. We cannot succeed and become fit if we choose to remain unfit. We cannot become fit if we omit basic principles to real success. Dear Friends, I want to tell you quite openly that in order to succeed you need to take the first step. If you want to start walking take then simply take the first step. If you want to start jogging then start walking first. Everything in life starts with the first step. I wish you a wonderful weekend and remember to STOP and START. STOP all things that drives you insane and START all things that drive you sane.

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