Sunday, 27 September 2015

You’re Life, Your Career

You’re Life, Your Career

Quote of the day

‘What you believe in will manifest in exactly the way you believe it. This is called the power of believing not only in yourself but also in filling a need out there in a world so abundant and opulent.’
Dear Friends meeting tomorrow with a happy face can be hard if you stuck in a rut over a bad decision of getting there in the first. Many a folk will tell of how unhappy they are in the faculty of their employment. It is either poor wages, unfair working conditions, discrimination or no real prospects. Sadly very few people realise how easy it is to make tomorrow a better day. It is called ‘The Power to Believe in yourself.’ Now I don’t expect you to give up your existing job straight away but if you are dissatisfied you need to open new doors in your life. You need to venture into new careers and golden opportunities. The world is abundant and waiting for you, you just need to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself creates wonder in you. Wonder is an astonishing phenomenon bespoke to individual needs and comes with an incredible awe. It all boils down to what you believe in. If you think passionately about something there is a very good chance of it happening. I know this for a fact. I experienced the power of miracles and I tasted the opportunity of a second chance. Many will say it is a miracle, others will say it is your fortune and some will say it was a surprise. I say it is all about believing in yourself. I want to tell you quite openly that if you want to see an individual change in your life you have to dream it first. Dreams are like rehearsal grounds for you to sample and taste. If you don’t like it then simply move onto the next and the next. You are not committing when you dream, Dreams are like fairgrounds covered with spectacle and awe.

Previous Quote

‘If you can dream it then you must first realise it before you can achieve it.

Many of us make the obvious mistake, we dream and then take on something without realising its full ramifications. Realisation makes you understand the responsibilities attached to a particular course in life. The question is can you cope. Can you cope with the workload attached to a dream that you have? If you can then bring it on! Therefore if you stuck in something that you are unhappy about then you have jumped into it without careful thought. Dear Friends, it is not too late to change. Tomorrow is the start of a new working week. Are you happy about getting and undertaking your responsibilities for the day? If not, what is worrying you? Are you in the right occupation? Are you being treated fairly? Do you receive a satisfactory remuneration to meet your monthly needs let alone your future needs? Dear Friends, don’t be despondent. You have the power to change anything that you are unhappy about.

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