Sunday, 16 August 2015

Life has a beginning and an end

Life has a beginning and an end

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Life has a beginning and an end. Where do we stand in this epoch of our existence? Universally Friendly believes that ALL human beings have a right to live on planet Earth for 100 years. In this centennial lifespan on Earth we all have the right to an equal and fair life. During this time we need serve thy GOD with all our heart and with all our strength willingly and sincerely.’

Dear Friends, welcome to the auditorium of daily inspiration, inspiration that is geared to meet the demands of modern living. Every day that passes us is a day that holds a certain potion of intense magic created by you and aimed to please the world at large. This is the prime object of your life, to get up each day and meet the demands of The Universe. The rewards are unbelievably breath-taking. There is an endless supply of energy for you to keep you warm and comfortable. There is the opulence of The Universe to keep you healthy and wealthy. There is also a time clock that ticks each second monitoring your life on Earth. It starts at zero for every individual and ends at 3153600000 seconds or simply 100 years later. This is your worldly life, to be born and to live a life in different ages and in different stages. What joy can be replicated than a joy of being human? What joy can be replicated when you are born into a world that is teeming with fantasy and ecstasy beautifully woven into a tapestry of individual achievements? Every galaxy has a start and an end. Every galaxy is formed in the same fashion like man and women different only in time and space. Every galaxy holds an industrial team of migrant workers with appendages to suit the job. Every galaxy holds a past and a present and an incredible future. Every organism has a history to live to exist and to live to assist. Take away these key identifications and the organism or group of organisms is eventually made redundant. Where are the dinosaurs or those lost centurions? They are gone because they are not needed anymore. You are here now living in the 21st Century and like how our ancestors lived before us we need to live to suit our chosen employment. To our ancestors we shall learn of our past and to our descendants we shall pass our history of new wisdom and new knowledge so that their lives and the lives of their children maybe good and fertile. Dear Friends, I urge you to understand the reason for your presence on planet Earth and that as a Time Traveller you need to leave behind a legacy of good deeds for others to follow. As you travel across each galaxy taking occupation as per your resume you must believe in yourself and in the purpose of your life. You need to cherish your life and you need to flourish in all that you do, say or think. Please have the resilience to live onto 100 years dutiful and bountiful. Look after yourself from morning to night. Seek help from fellow human beings if you are stuck in a rut. Pray sincerely and serve our Heavenly Father clearly and dearly.

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