Monday, 10 August 2015

It is time to be fine, aligned, refined and defined.

It is time to be fine, aligned, refined and defined.

Quote of the day

‘To be fine is to know that your mind is refined, your body is aligned to the tone of your mind and that your agenda is clearly defined.’

Starting your day with the right mind-set not only promotes your day but also gives you the accomplishment and fulfilment that you need at the end of your working week. I always feel that you should be fine, aligned, refined and defined especially at the start of your working week. To makes your working week work for you we shall speak about four words that may create that special twist to your normal routine. These words are fine, aligned, refined and defined. To be fine is to know that at the crack of dawn you are up and about feeling bright, warm and pleasant. However if you feel otherwise perhaps a bit gloomy, unfriendly or unpleasant then there is a good chance that you have already spoilt the start to what could have been a promising week for you. You need to turn back the clock to find out what triggered you to be gloomy, unfriendly or unpleasant. Did something happen over the weekend to twist your moods to a Blue Monday feeling? Did you perhaps overindulge in the rudiments of a weekend spoil? Did someone offend you? Getting to the bottom of your problem or problems always is the best way to get to the top of things. To be refined is to be cultured. It is the power to extract wisdom and the power to use your newly founded wisdom profitably. Life is about learning. We are always learning even though we are equally ageing. Every aspect of our life incurs a new learning experience, from it comes a better you. A road incident can alter your perception of how you drive and therefore such a learning experience can only make you a better driver. To be defined is to have the ability to come across more clearly and positively and this works well during a working week. If you start off your working week with the wrong mind-set and bent on staying gloomy, unfriendly and unpleasant people will not understand what you are trying to put across. Your facial expressions show a different meaning to what comes from your vocal connotation. To achieve this unique facet of your life you need to be aligned like the planets in our solar system. Planets do not necessarily have to be in a straight line to be aligned. Alignment is about association with one and another. Can you imagine the cosmic mayhem if planets suddenly took a new path or a new course in their orbital rotation. Dear friends you need that alignment of every cell in your body to do and to do things the right way. Take heed of your body and your body shall take care of you. Listen to your body and respond with correction if there is anything wrong. Feed your system with good foods and your system shall respond with the precision of glittering jewels. Feed your mind with wisdom and you shall have the freedom to wander in GOD’s Kingdom. Always remember these words to ensure a smoother day, week or month. Remember to be fine, aligned, refined and defined.

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