Saturday, 16 August 2014

Life has a beginning and an end

Life has a Beginning and an end

Where there is life, there is hope and restitution. Life has a purpose, and the purpose of life is to make all things possible across the magnitude of The Universe. As Humans we stand supreme in rank amongst all creatures. Therefore we need to be humanly responsible at ALL times. Life has a beginning and an end. Where do we stand in this epoch of our existence? Universally Friendly believes that ALL human beings have the right to live on planet Earth for 100 years. In this centennial lifespan on Earth we all have the right to an equal and fair life. During this time we serve thy GOD with all our heart and with all our strength willingly and sincerely. The mechanism to do this has always been here but has become somewhat obscured by the talons of greed. Dear Friends, you need to clear this cobweb of deceit that makes life so vague and murky.

Quote of the day: ‘You need to enrich your life with positivity, you need to be vibrant with agility, perfect in your thoughts, pure in your belief, unblemished in your actions, well-defined in your utterance, distinct from the crowd and strong when adversities stumble upon you.’

Many a fool will come upon you and make purity become absurdity. They do this because they have the skill of the devil. Many a fool shall rush in with ambiguous remarks and prove that it all started from a big bang. Some fools will turn off the lights to sight and sound and make a din that lures you to chatter, clatter, flatter and endless smatter. Dear Friends you need to steer your craft on a relentless journey that lasts 100 years or to be precise 86,400 seconds per day onto the wind of positive appeal and into the seas of placidity rather than absurdity. You need to tally on, amassing huge quantities of good deeds that turn stone into mortar and makes clear that you shall not stumble when there is hardships, you will not fumble when there is misfortune and you shall not grumble when difficulties face you. You are human, you have a mind that wants to remain pure, you have hands that are ambidextrous, and you have limbs that carry you into the frontiers of victory and into the apertures of valedictory. You have a heart that your soul resides in that maketh your way into the colonies of occupation and into the vastness of space. You have these unique abilities, now use it wisely. Use it too to help those that cannot see clearly, that are slightly deafened when logic meets theirs ears and to those that are limp simply because they have lost hope. I wish you a merry weekend and I pray that you would prefer reading an article rather than a series of tweets. I want you to digest each article for its content and be inspired to make your life on Earth, victorious and amicably fine. Let me have your constant feedback so that I may tweak constant stream of inspiration to help keep your spirits high and your goals alive.

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